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Welcome to the Step by Step 250 MAG restoration project.

Step 4

In this step we have installed the following items and the reasons why. It was also a good time to move the project down to the bike stand from the work bench. Even though the target weight of the bike will be under 200 pounds when finished, it is going to become a little cumbersome to pick up and move.

We installed the motoplat ignition and coil. It bolts right up and stock timing specs can be used. If a good used motoplat is not available, a new PVL ignition can be substituted quite easily and they are readily available. They come with the coil, flywheel puller, directions and throw a spark you could weld with. Also a good choice.

We mounted the converted countershaft cover to work with the case saver. It has been trimmed to shed the dirt and mud but will still protect the c/s sprocket and your ankle.

The trick aluminum foot pegs have been bolted on with the return springs in place. These are a wider version of the stock pegs but are much lighter and have an aggressive cleat design. Very nice.

The reed valve assembly we chose to use is a high performance, high volume unit manufactured by Mossbarger. These are the same units used by Factory Husqvarna during the 70's and 80's. More flow means more go. These bolt right on but the air box will need to be modified to fit properly. These reed assemblies are available with a bing adapter or Mikuni adapter at no extra charge. Specify when ordering.

The Triple clamp assembly on this bike is nothing less than a work of CNC art. Offset is reduced 10mm to improve the steering. 16 pinch bolts altogether increase clamping pressure and rigidity. These units come with Timken tapered roller bearings, cups and races. They also come with standard sized aluminum bar mounts, however, we used our own aluminum fat bar mounts in order to use Protaper fat bars. Fat bars are a new type of aluminum handlebar using dual wall technology. They allow a small amount of flex, reducing vibration. rider fatigue and wont bend as easily as steel bars. They still use standard grips and levers.

The aluminum rear brake lever assembly was added to replace the huge, heavy steel lever. This lever assembly allows removal of the steel pipe from the lower frame area that was part of the rear brake lever. A sealed bearing is used in the lever in place of a bushing. Comes with all mounting hardware and lever leash.

Finally, we added a new aluminum swing arm by Novation Racing. These arms are 1" longer than the stock mag arm to aid stability at high speed. They are lighter than stock and flex less. These work excellent in combination with the reduced offset triples up front. They come with all mounting hardware and bolt on with no modifications needed. They also come with needle bearings in place rather than bushings.



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