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Welcome to the Step by Step 250 MAG restoration project.

Step 2

Plan ahead. Even though this step is an early one, it is very important. It is now necessary to decide what type of equipment you are going to bolt up to your new mag. You will have many choices to make, like which Triple Clamps to use, stock or aluminum with reduced offset and tapered roller bearings, Aluminum swingarms with needle bearings, GP swingarm upgrades or stock. If you are building a serious racer you will be going with the trick Aluminum upgrades. If you are just fixing up your old bike you may choose to keep it stock. With this project we are going to take it to the limit.

We have removed the stock Mag swingarm and have sent the bike out for some chassis mods and high quality paint. The chassis mods consist of 3 parts.

1. The tail section has been modified to lower the seat height in the rear, raising the seat height in the front and moving it forward. This makes for a level seat, improving the comfort and posture of the rider. It also closes the gap between the tank and seat. The adjustment also brings the upper shock mounts up and forward allowing the use of a 1" longer shock. If you ever ride a Husky with this modification you will be surprised how much easier it is to ride fast.

2. We have added the rubber, ML GP style steering stops to the front since we will be using aluminum triples and don't want steel to aluminum contact. Very nice.

3. Our racer is going to have the engine lowered just a bit to lower the center of gravity and give more clearance between the top of the engine and the bottom of the gas tank. This will help cornering and allow us to use the trick pipe. The rear motor mount holes have been welded up and new holes have been added to allow the change in engine angle.

After all the improvements are finished, the frame is cleaned and professionally painted using the correct color formula, high quality automotive paint and clear coat. It looks great and is now ready to have the engine installed. All of the above listed mods were performed by John at Vintage Husky in San Marcos, California. The quality of his work and his knowledge of Husqvarna motorcycles is second to none.



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