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Welcome to the Step by Step 250 MAG restoration project.

Step 1

We will be building a 1974 Husqvarna CR 250 MAG from the ground up using only the finest, trickest, lightest, fastest and best parts and components available today. Each step will show a picture and give a description of any significant changes or modifications. We intend on building the "Worlds Trickest 250 MAG" for the purpose of racing it in AHRMA vintage motocross competiton. This bike is not intended to be a "Show Winner" but rather a racing restoration that is going to be used, abused and thrashed on every possible occasion. We will spend most our time, effort and money on performance enhancement rather that cosmetics, however, it will look good too. Hopefully, this project will inspire and educate those in need and we hope everyone will want to buy our trick parts and performance accessories for their Husky.

We will start with a bare 1974 MAG frame and swingarm. This frame is completely stock and has been bead blasted and immediately sprayed with a light primer coat. A bead or sand blasted frame will start to rust within hours without some type of protection. The ID number on this frame is MK 15702. All mag frames were stamped with MK and started at 10500 and went up from there.



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